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Car security advice

If someone breaks into your car it is both an annoying and distressing experience. Not only do you have the stress of having your property stolen or damaged, but you often have to pay excess on your insurance and incur a severe reduction to your no-claims discount. Fortunately there are things you can do to reduce the chances of becoming the victim of car criminals and some of them may even help you reduce your insurance premiums.

Secure parking

If we had the opportunity, we would all have our own garages where we could securely lock up our cars and not have to worry about them getting broken into or stolen. Sadly most of us live in cities and towns’, where having your own garage is considered a luxury.

It's a well known fact that criminals as a rule don't like to commit their crimes in well lit places, for obvious reasons. Consequently if you have only a driveway or hard standing for your car it is good idea to install a motion sensitive outside light that automatically turns on should anyone be moving around your car.

If your car is on the road some distance from your home, then the same logic applies, try to park under or close to a street lamp if you can.

Fit an engine immobiliser

An immobiliser is a device that can remotely disable the cars ignition system so that even if someone attempts to start your car, it will still not work without a specific remote control signal from a key fob. If you speak to your insurer they should be able to advise you what specific type would be required to enable them to reduce your insurance premiums.

Don't leave valuable items on display

It only takes a moment for an opportunist thief to smash a window and grab something off the seat, even in broad daylight. By leaving valuable items on display in your car you are giving an open invitation to an opportunist thief. Always either take them with you or lock them securely in the boot for safe keeping.

Fitting a car alarm

If you don't already have one, fitting a car alarm system is an excellent deterrent for would be criminals. Some will just beep your horn or emit a loud warning noise, but some come with combined immobiliser's as well, providing double the protection. Once again fitting an alarm that is approved by your insurer should help reduce your annual insurance costs.

Look after your car keys

Obviously the easiest way for a criminal to break-in or steal your car is if they have your car keys. Today's criminals often target high value cars, sometimes stealing to order, and this means they will usually have advanced alarm systems onboard which make them virtually impossible to steal by breaking in to them. As a result the criminals look for ways to steal your car keys instead. This may be done by literally snatching them from someone's hand or fishing for them through the letterbox of your home, if you leave them on view on a table nearby.

Lockable wheel nuts

Lockable wheel nuts are a simple and inexpensive way to protect your car from wheel theft. A single alloy wheel on a prestige or customised vehicle can be worth hundreds of pounds, if you have such wheels on your car it makes sense to consider making an investment in a set of locking wheel nuts.

Window etching

Having your car windows, doors or lights etched with the Vehicle Identity Number or registration number of your car would make it pretty difficult for someone to steal it and change its identity without having to replace all these items.

Steering wheel or hand brake locks

Fitting either a steering wheel or handbrake lock is another inexpensive way to deter car thieves. These devices simply prevent the thief from operating those controls and so just seeing them may be enough to deter them.

Remember that seeing that your car is protected in some way is often enough to deter a car criminal. So if you have invisible security devices like alarms or immobiliser's on your car, make sure that your car has a window sticker or flashing light on the dashboard somewhere to show that they are there.

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