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Driving with pets in the car

We often consider our pets to be part of the family and there is no reason why you should not take it with you if you are travelling within the UK in your car. This of course means that you will have to take steps to ensure that your pet is comfortable and does not undergo undue stress as a result of the journey.

In addition to this you must ensure that the animal is securely but humanely restrained to prevent it from causing a hazard to the driver or passengers and possibly causing an accident.

Before you leave

  • Your pet needs to be restrained for the journey for their own safety and yours. Don't try to carry a large dog in a small car, the dog should at least be able to stand up easily. Get advice from a pet shop for a suitable size of pet carrier or for an estate car a correctly fitting guard for the boot area

  • Reduce the risk of stress and travel sickness to your pet by getting them used to the travel container before you go

  • It might be an idea to take your pet on some short journeys first, to get them used to the experience

  • Keep the number of your local vet on your phone and when you get to your destination, make a note of the local vet there too

  • If you are having a holiday, ensure that pet's are welcome at the place you intend to stay

  • Check DEFRA’s rules for transporting domestic pets to make sure that you stay within the law

When driving in your car

  • Travel can make pets nervous so take some of their toys and treats with you, these will help keep them calm.

  • Cats and dogs like routine, so try to stop and feed or excercise them at their usual times.

  • For dogs in particular, try to stop every couple of hours, walk the dog on it's lead and give it a drink of water

  • Don't leave animals alone in a hot car. If you have to, then leave several windows slightly open for ventilation and don't leave them alone for more than about 10 minutes at a time

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