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Effective braking tips for drivers

Effective braking under normal driving conditions is fairly straightforward. You sometimes see other impatient drivers who seem to spend half their time accelerating hard, and the other half of the time braking hard. This is not a good way to drive - but it is a great way to wear out your brake pads!

In good weather conditions you should be able to gently bring your car to a stop without having to brake excessively, and without the car pitching forward in any way.

In order to achieve this you must always avoid driving too close to the vehicle in front, that way you will have plenty of time to brake smoothly.

The initial pressure on the brake pedal should be gentle and gradual. You should do this until you notice the brakes are starting to slow you down.

Next you need to gently 'squeeze' the brake pedal to reduce your speed as much as you need to. Often if you are in a traffic queue and you time it correctly, you may not have to stop completely.

If you do need to stop, this can be done smoothly by taking 95% of your speed off as descibed above, and on releasing the brake, let the vehicle roll slowly to a halt.

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