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Motor Accident?

European driving and the law

European motoring may involve you crossing many different boarders and have to take into account the various different driving regulations of the countries you are in. Making yourself aware of these different requirements is your responsibility, and can affect your insurance cover and the legality of your vehicle.

You should always endeavour to research the different requirements of each country you intend to visit to make sure that you don't fall foul of the local laws.

Not adhering to these regulations could also invalidate your European motor insurance cover so it's wise not to be complacent.

Your European car insurance policy

When the documents arrive for your European car insurance policy, be sure read through it thoroughly. There may well be clauses in it that can invalidate your cover if you do not comply with the local traffic regulations for that country.

Make sure that you meet all the requirements for safety equipment and documentation for the countries you intend to visit, otherwise you may find yourself in trouble if you have an accident.

Follow the local regulations

If you are prosecuted and convicted for not complying with the local traffic regulations you could find yourself facing some harsh penalties. In many countries the police have the power to fine you on the spot for breaches of the local traffic rules.

On the spot penalties

If you are stopped by a police officer for a traffic violation you may have to pay a fixed penalty fine in cash and on the spot. If you are unable to pay at that moment, you may end up with your car being impounded until you can.

Drive safely and carefully when you are in another country, and do your homework and find out their local traffic rules.

Don't drink and drive

The limits for drinking and driving are not the same as they are in the UK. In addition to this, the penalties also vary considerably from one country to he next.

Even though a driving ban will only be applicable to the country you receive it in, it is simply not worth the risk. Never drink and drive.

If you have been involved in a car accident in the UK that was not your fault, Car Call UK and our partners can help you get a replacement vehicle, car repairs, legal assistance and injury compensation.

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