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Getting better fuel economy for your car

Every year the cost of filling up your fuel tank gets more and more expensive. As the costs increase you may want to start thinking about ways in which you can get more miles for your money. There are many small changes you can make to both your driving style and your car which over the course of a year can help you make significant savings.

Choosing a new car

If you are looking for a new car, try to make fuel economy one of your priorities, check the mpg (miles per gallon) figures for the vehicles you are considering.

Also consider the size of the vehicle you need. The larger the vehicle, the heavier it will be and the more fuel it will consume.

If you are in the market for a brand new car you may want to consider one of the new generation of 'hybrid' vehicles. These vehicles have been developed to seamlessly switch between petrol and electric power depending on your speed. This means that the vehicle is far more fuel efficient and economical to run.

Keep your tyres at the correct pressure

By keeping your tyres inflated to the correct pressure you will minimise their rolling resistance and save fuel. Under inflated tyres present a larger surface area to the road and your engine will use up more energy to overcome their increased rolling resistance.

Change your driving style

At speeds above 60mph the increased wind resistance will start to have an impact on your fuel economy. Adopting a 'smooth' driving style, avoiding rapid acceleration and keeping your speed down, will help to reduce your fuel consumption.

Reduce wind resistance and weight

Car manufacturers spend a lot of time optimising vehicle body shell designs to be as aerodynamic as possible. Adding a roof rack or bike rack to your car will increase it's overall wind resistance and so it will require more energy and use more fuel in order to accelerate. If you want to add a roof rack to your car, look out for the streamlined 'box' type racks that keep wind resistance to a minimum.

Avoid driving around with a boot full of heavy items that don't really need. Extra weight means your car will use more fuel.

Service your car at regular intervals

If you drive a car that has worn engine or transmission components it will reduce the efficiency of your vehicle. It is also important keep your car topped up with the with the correct types of lubricants/fluids that are recommended by the manufacturer. Getting it serviced regularly ensures that all it's components are kept in good condition, and your vehicles fuel efficiency is optimised.

If you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault, we can help you get your vehicle repaired, organise a hire care for you, and even make an injury compensation claim on your behalf.

Car Call UK and our partners are specialists in managing all aspects of a road accident claim, and because we and our partners recover our costs from the at-fault drivers insurance company.

Call us now on 02392 484 244 for free help and advice from one of our experienced claims advisors.
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