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How to deal with a car engine fire

The main cause of vehicle fires is faulty wiring. This could be because the electrical insulation has degraded with age, or the wiring loom has been damaged by a careless DIY mechanic. Either way modern cars are designed so that the petrol tank is in a position where it may not be affected until a fire really takes hold.

If you like doing your own car maintenance, always take care not to damage the insulation on a wiring loom. In fact do not attempt any work on your car at all unless you are confident of your abilities.

What to do in the event of a fire

If you suspect a fire when you are driving you need to act quickly. If a fire starts inside the vehicle, stop immediately, turn off the engine and get everyone out as quickly and safely as you can. Vehicle interiors contain many types of plastic, which when burn't can start producing toxic fumes very quickly.

If the fire is under the bonnet, quickly choose a safe place to stop, ideally away from places where the fire could spread if the vehicle burns out.

Turn off the engine, get everyone out of the vehicle. Don't open the bonnet unless you have a fire extinguisher and then only just enough to aim it underneath. If the fire has already taken hold then do not attempt to put it out at all, and call the emergency services.

Remember always move quickly away from a burning vehicle because the tyres can explode long before the petrol tank.

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