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How to push start your car

There is nothing more infuriating than getting in your car, turning the key and then - nothing! The chances are this means that your cars battery has gone flat.

Car batteries have a limited life span and often during spells of cold weather a battery that is in poor shape can suddenly fail completely. Other possible reasons are either a faulty alternator which means that the battery is fine but it is just not being charged when the engine is running, or your starter motor may be at fault and not able to turn over the engine. Once again if your other electrical equipment is working then your battery should be OK.

Whatever the reason, if you don't have any jump leads to get it going and you car has a manual gearbox, then your only other option is give it a push start or 'bump start'.

This is not something you will be able to do yourself, so you will need the help of at least 2 or 3 strong people for an average sized car and suitably safe stretch of road to do it.

How to do a push start

  • Before you attempt a push start you will have to push the car to somewhere safe to do it . This will need to be a long stretch of road that is free from traffic or pedestrians and either flat or with a slight downward slope.

  • Get in your vehicle and tell your 'helpers' to get ready

  • Turn off all electrical equipment, you will need every scrap of power you car can muster!

  • Turn the ignition key to the "on" position. Press and hold the clutch pedal

  • Put the car into second gear then release the hand brake

  • Ask everyone to push!

  • When the car is going as fast as possible, release the clutch pedal and press the accelerator slightly. If the car does not start immediately depress the clutch, let the speed build up and try again

  • Once the car is going - don't stop the engine! It might be also be an idea to visit a garage...

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