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How to use roundabouts

Accidents often happen on roundabouts even though the rules for using them are pretty straightforward. Some people can still cause accidents on roundabouts by not following the highway code correctly.

Accidents can also occur because someone is not sure which way to go and so they end up in the wrong lane. Instead of going back round the roundabout and changing lane safely, they may decide to cut across lanes near other drivers in order to rectify their mistake and either have a near miss, or a collision.

The most important aspect of using any roundabout is to ensure you are in the correct lane for the exit you require. The entry points to roundabouts can have many different lanes, these will usually have road markings indicating whether they are for the left, straight-ahead or right exits. Roundabouts with multiple exits may also be marked with the identity of the exit road. If the entrance to the roundabout has 2 lanes and is not clearly marked, the convention to follow is shown below:-

For a left exit
  • Signal left and approach in the left-hand lane

  • Keep to the left on the roundabout and continue signalling left to leave

For an exit straight ahead
  • Approach in the left hand lane

  • Once on the roundabout,stay in the left lane and indicate left as you pass the last exit before the one you want

For a right exit
  • Approach in the right hand lane

  • Once on the roundabout, stay in the right lane and indicate left as you pass the last exit before the one you want

  • Glance over your left shoulder before moving into the left hand lane and taking your exit, just in case there is a vehicle there

You must be aware of the traffic around you at all times, and always indicate as early as possible so that other vehicles know what you are about to do.

If the traffic is queueing to get on the roundabout, never assume that the vehicle in front of you is going to move on to the roundabout just because it is clear. Many people go into the back of other vehicles because they make this assumption.

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