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Motor Accident?

Motorcycle injury and protective clothing

Good motorcycle clothing will help you stay comfortable while riding in adverse conditions. In the case of motorcycle accident, high-quality riding clothes can help prevent or reduce injury.

Clothing sold specifically for motorcycling will afford the best combination of fit and protection. These garments are designed to fit while sitting in a riding position. They are cut longer in the sleeves and legs and are fuller across the shoulders. Flaps and fasteners seal out the wind and extra padding helps protect you in case of motorcycle accident. Leather clothing is often preferred by riders because it is durable and abrasion-resistant, giving good protection against injury.

Visibility is an important consideration. If the clothing itself does not have any inherent reflective or high visibility features, then you should seriously consider investing in a reflective shoulder strap or vest to wear over your clothes. They are fairly cheap, and could make the difference between a motorcycle accident or just a near miss.

Rainsuits are recommended in rainy weather. A one or two-piece rainsuit can be purchased in various materials, the most common being polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and nylon. They can come various high visibility colours and can be worn over your normal riding clothes.

Leather boots can protect the rider from a variety of riding hazards. They protect ankles from stones that fly up from the road, burns from hot exhaust pipes, and in the event of a motorcycle accident, can provide valuable protection against foot and ankle injuries.

Gloves should fit snugly to improve your grip on the handlebars. If your gloves are too bulky, you may have difficulty operating the controls of your motorcycle. If too tight, circulation will be restricted and your hands could get cold.

Riding gloves are available various weights and thicknesses. Lightweight gloves are more comfortable in summer, and heavier well-insulated gloves can be bought for additional protection in the winter.

Riders involved in motorcycle accidents are particularly vulnerable from many types of injury, from whiplash to traumatic brain injuries. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident that wasn't your fault, and it occured within the last 3 years, then you may be able to claim compensation, just call us on 02392 484 244 and one of our team will be happy to give you expert advice and legal assistance.
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