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Safe Motorcycle riding in daylight. 31/10/16

Riding safely during daylight hours not only requires you to handle your bike cautiously and sensibly, but it also means you need to make yourself and your bike easy to see. This doesn't mean you have to be draped in hi-visibility clothing from head to toe, but you should ensure that you and your bike have enough visible elements to allow you to be easily seen.

  • Wear Hi-visibilty safety clothing. This could include a brightly coloured helmet and/or a jacket and trousers with flourescent and/or brightly coloured panels

  • Ride with dipped headlights. Riding with dipped headlights during the daytime may sound pointless, however this may be helpful if you are occasionally travelling through heavily shaded areas

  • Choose a brightly coloured bike. If you are choosing a bike for the first time, try to get one that is brightly coloured and easily attracts attention

  • Ensure you keep a safe distance from other vehicles to enable you to stop in time if there is an emergency

  • Tapping your brakes can help to warn a road user behind you of an impending hazard

  • Use your horn. Contrary to popular opinion, your horn is not something to use when you are angry. The horn on any vehicle is intended to be used as a safety warning device to alert another road user to your presence if you think they have not noticed you

  • Also consider taking further motorcycle training to improve your skills

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