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Preparing your car for winter weather

As last winter showed us, even southern parts of the UK can be prone to severe wintry conditions from time to time. Basic pre-winter checks are always a good idea anytime from October onwards if you want to avoid being caught out by the weather.

Check your cooling system

All it takes is one sudden cold snap and if you have not checked your anti-freeze (particularly if your vehicle is kept outside) you may end up with a split coolant hose or damaged radiator.

Check your ignition system

Although most modern vehicles are fitted with electronic ignition systems these days, some older vehicles won't have them. Check that your leads are in good condition and use a water repelling sealer spray on them if you are unsure.

Old car batteries have a habit of failing in cold weather, check your battery is in good condition and if necessary, purchase a new one.

Check your lights

As the evenings draw in you will be using your lights more than usual. Ask another person to help you check that they are all working correctly, it's difficult to notice a faulty brake light when you are driving!

Brakes and tyres

This should be an obvious one, but make sure your brakes and tyres are in good condition. Remember grip on the road is vital when things turn icy.

Windscreen washers and wiper blades

In wet and wintry conditions there will be a lot more dirt and muck thrown up by passing vehicles, ensure that you have plenty of winter screenwash in your car. Also your wipers will also see a lot more action so check your wiper blades. Old wiper blades do not clear a windscreen effectively, so if they are more than a couple of years old, it might be wise to replace them.

If you want to avoid accidents, prepare your car for winter!

If you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault, we can help you get your vehicle repaired, organise a hire care for you, and even make an injury compensation claim on your behalf.

Car Call UK and our partners are specialists in managing all aspects of a road accident claim, and because we and our partners recover our costs from the at-fault drivers insurance company.

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