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Preventing thefts from cars and vans

Thefts from cars and vans are rarely pre-planned. They are generally made by opportunist thieves who try doors to see if they are locked, or spot something that may be of value in your vehicle.

Don't tempt a casual thief!

The most obvious way to avoid an opportunist thief is to lock your car!

If you leave your car unattended and unlocked, you could be asking for trouble. Even if you are only leaving the vehicle for a few minutes while at a petrol station, that may be enough time for someone to remove something without you knowing it.

Avoid leaving any visible items on your car seat, parcel shelf or in the back of your van if at all possible. If you leave a laptop bag or jacket on the seat of your car it could only take a moment for someone to break a window and grab it.

Don't assume that because you have a car alarm, you can leave valuable items laying around inside your car. The thief could have disappeared long before you make it back to your vehicle.

If you have any valuable items you should either lock them in your boot, or better still, take them with you.

If you drive a van and you regularly have tools or equipment in the back, ensure the locks on your rear doors are in good working order.

If you have windows in you rear doors, it may be worth investing in some sheets of reflective film that can be attached to the inside of these windows. This will stop a passer by from seeing what's in the back.

In-car equipment

If you have expensive in-car equipment such as a stereo or Sat Nav, you should consider making them removable. Many car stereo's and Sat Nav systems can be adapted to be removable.

If you have removable devices then make sure you take them with you whenever you leave your vehicle.

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