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Car safety equipment for driving in Europe

The legal requirements for car safety equipment may differ depending on which country in Europe you are travelling at the time. The list below describes some of the more common items required in European Community/European Economic Area [EC/EEA] countries. For specific country requirements you should check with traffic authorities of the countries concerned.

GB number plate or GB sticker

Drivers from the UK must indicate their country of origin. This can either be in the form of a special number plates incorporating the Euro GB symbol or a GB sticker on the rear of the vehicle. This must also be replicated on any towed trailer or caravan.

Warning Triangles and Reflective Vests

The law in France and other EC/EEA countries requires all vehicles to carry a collapsable warning triangle and at least one high-visability reflective vest. Both French and Spanish law actually strongly recommend that all passengers should have these vests. Spanish law requires 2 warning triangles to be carried.

Headlamp adaptors

Because UK drivers drive on the left hand side of the road, our vehicle headlamps are adjusted to point towards the left to avoid dazzling other drivers. This is exactly the opposite of drivers in Europe who drive on the right hand side, and so simple 'headlight adaptors' must be used to minimise the risk of dazzling other drivers when driving on the continent.

Spare bulb kit

It is illegal in Europe to drive with an in-operative exterior bulb. Carrying a kit of spare bulbs for your car will prevent you from receiving an on the spot fine by the police.

First Aid Kit & Fire Extinguisher

The European Good Samaritan Law states that all drivers should stop and provide assistance in the event of an accident. So is a good idea to carry both a First Aid Kit and a small fire extinguisher in your car.

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