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Take care of your windscreen

Let's face it, having good visibility out of your windscreen under all weather conditions is pretty fundamental for any road user. Turning a 'blind eye' to stone chips or the maintenance of the components that keep it clean can prove disastrous in situations where visibility becomes difficult.

How a small stone chip can become a major problem

There are a couple of things that can happen if you decide to 'ignore' a small stone chip in your windscreen.

Whenever you pass over a pothole or bump in the road your windscreen will flex and vibrate momentarily. If there is a small flaw in the glass like a stone chip, this could be enough to start a crack in the screen, which over time will gradually increase in size and could eventually shatter. If this happens when you are driving, it could cause an accident.

Frost or ice that forms on chipped windscreen can also cause problems. If a moisture collects in a stone chip or small crack in your windscreen, when it freezes it will expand, this can cause a crack to start or begin to increase in size.

As temporary measure, the chances of ice damage can be reduced by putting a small piece of sticky tape over the chipped or cracked area when the screen is clean and dry. This will seal out any moisture until you get an opportunity to get your screen either replaced or professionally repaired.

Top up your screen wash

Screen wash is very inexpensive and easy to top-up. The screen wash bottle is usually located under the car bonnet in the engine compartment of your car. The bottle is often made of a semi-transparent plastic with an easy to identify mark on the cap or side of the bottle. The bottle will also have 'MIN-MAX' markings so that you can easily see when it is low, and needs topping up.

Renew your wiper blades

Your wiper blades are another one of those parts of the car that often get neglected. Wiper blades are made from a composite rubber material which after many years of use, will wear down and become less flexible. This means that they gradually become less and less efficient at removing the water from the windscreen, and in heavy rain can fail to keep your screen clear and reduce your visibility. This is dangerous and you should never let them get to that stage before changing them.

Wiper blades are very easy to replace yourself. If you go into any good motor spares store they will have a reference guide in the 'wipers' section that will indicate which type of blades fit which model of car. It is usually just a case of choosing the correct type, unclipping the old ones and clipping on the new. If you are unsure what to do the store assistant should be able to help.

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