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Theft Resistant Number Plates

One type of car crime thats currently on the increase is car cloning. This involves stealing a set of number plates from a vehicle and using them on another vehicle. This means that the vehicle with the stolen plates can now be used for illegal activities such as speeding, without the 'real' driver being traceable.

This means that if you are the legal owner of the car they were stolen from and you have not reported them stolen, you could find yourself receiving fines for offences that you did not commit.

Although your vehicles number plate is fundemental to it's identity, it is actually very easy and quick to remove by criminals. A number plate may be stolen for a variety of purposes, ranging from avoidance of the congestion charge to robbery.

What is a Theft Resistant Number Plate?

Theft Resistant Number Plates are designed so that they cannot be removed from your vehicle in less than 3 minutes. They are also made in such a way that if the thief does get them off, they will snap into several pieces and so it makes them impossible to re-fit to another vehicle.

Because of the special manufacturing processes and fixings a Theft Resistant Number Plate may cost about twice as much as a normal registration plate.

Where can I get a Theft Resistant Number Plate?

Theft Resistant Number Plates, sometimes also known as 'Tamper Proof Number Plates' are still a relatively new innovation, but they are becoming more widely available.

Other ways to secure your number plate

Another way to reduce the chances of your number plate being stolen is to have the fixing screws replaced with tamper proof screws. Unlike conventional screws, these require a special tool in order to remove them.

What should I do if my number plate is stolen?

If your number plates are stolen you should contact the police immediately. This enables the police to track down the offender and also log the fact that your plates have been stolen, so that you will not be held responsible for any subsequent offences.

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