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Motor Accident?

Types of car crime

Apart from opportunist thieves who may smash the window of a parked car if they spot something of value inside, vehicle theft is still a growing problem in the UK.

As 'picking' car door locks and disabling security features becomes more difficult, criminals now employ more cunning methods to steal cars. These often involve organised criminal gangs who concentrate on targeting specific high-value vehicles 'to order'.

What is 'carjacking'?

Stealing cars whilst they are out on the road or 'carjacking' as it is sometimes called is on the increase. Criminal gangs will identify high value cars and fake minor accident in front of the target vehicle as a way of luring the driver out of their car. One of the thieves will then jump in the drivers seat of the vehicle and drive off. The drivers of the 'fake accident' cars will also drive off, leaving the unfortunate driver of the stolen vehicle stranded.

Be wary of anyone who tries to encourage you to leave your vehicle for some reason and never leave the keys in the ignition if you get out of the car.

What is car cloning

Car cloning is where thieves steal a car and then use the identity of a car of identical make, model and colour to produce forged documents, a forged number plate and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) that make the stolen vehicle appear to be a 'clone' of the other vehicle. This means that the stolen vehicle's original identity has now 'disappeared' and been replaced by the identity of a completely legal one.

Anyone who discovers that they have bought a cloned car unwittingly is in a very difficult position. Not only will the police seize their vehicle, but would also have lost all the money that they paid for it.

Car vandalism

Car vandalism affects more than 3.5 million motorists in the UK every year.

The majority of car vandalism involves damage to bodywork like dents or key scratches. Other 'favourites' of vandals tend to be things that they can readily break off like aerials or wing mirrors. The best way of protecting your car from vandalism is to keep it in a garage, or at least park it off the road if you can. If you do have to park your car on the road try to do it near a street lamp, vandals are less likely to operate in well lit areas.

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