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Tyre blow-outs and how to control them

Tyre blow-outs can occur for many reasons, including damaging your tyres yourself! This can be avoided by simple precautions when driving, such as avoiding potholes, driving up kerbs or even just rubbing against them.

If a rear tyre blows out when driving

Your car is likely to swerve about, particularly if you are travelling over 50 mph. Hold the steering wheel firmly and if you can, quickly change into a lower gear to help slow the vehicle - otherwise focus on controlling the vehicles direction. If you have to use the footbrake, use it gently and be prepared that the vehicle may skid.

If a front tyre blows out when driving

A front tyre blow-out will cause the car to pull severely to one side. Steer firmly to correct the pull. Avoid using the footbrake if possible and concentrate on controlling the steering, whilst letting the car slow down naturally. Once again if you use the footbrake be careful not to lock the back wheels.

Also again changing down to a lower gear will help slow the car, but controlling your steering may be a higher priority.

Never attempt to drive anywhere on a burst tyre, if the vehicle has stopped, and it is safe to do so - switch on your hazard lights and leave the vehicle.

If it is possible to replace the tyre (although this is unlikely as the wheel rim will probably be damaged) do not attempt it unless the car has stopped in a safe place.

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