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Techniques for winter driving

Driving on ice and snow has its own particular set of problems. Traction, visibility and steering are all affected when there has been a spell of severe cold weather - even just a light dusting of snow will demand a different driving technique.

Advice for driving on snow and ice

  • Always pull away gently and progressively. Any aggressive acceleration will certainly reduce traction. Wheelspin can lead to loss of steering control in both front wheel drive, or rear wheel drive vehicles. Always keep your engine revs low to maximise your grip in these conditions

  • Always pull away in second gear if you can and use a high gear whenever possible. This will reduce the torque at the drive wheels and help avoid wheel spins

  • Brake quickly but gently. If your wheels lock then ease off the brakes, it will help with your steering

  • Remember that your grip is limited, so any sudden brakes or turns will be magnified by the lack of traction!

  • If you have an ABS or 'Anti-lock Braking System' on your vehicle, it will feel like a constant 'judder' when your foot is on the brake - let it work! It will help you by both braking and allowing the wheels to turn and minimise your chances of skidding and losing control

  • However, just because you have an ABS system, don't rely solely on it to get you out of trouble - take everything slowly!

  • Finally if the weather is really that bad, stay home and stay safe!

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