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Motor Accident?

Need vehicle recovery after no-fault accident?

Why you may not want to make a claim on your own policy. Compare our services to those provided in your policy, contact us today.

Car Call Claims line

Get free independent alternative advice by calling Car Call UK today on the number above and compare our services to that of your insurance company after an accident.

Get you vehicle recovered now!

We and our partners independently assist thousands of motorists to get their vehicles recovered, repaired, provide replacement hire-cars and legal assistance – but without a claim on their insurance.

If you are not the person responsible for the accident, we can take care of everything for you as an alternative to a claim on your policy.

To get your car recovered and repaired now, without having to pay a penny of your excess, call 02392 484 244 and we will be happy to help.

Why our customers use us instead of their insurers

If you have a policy excess, you will almost certainly still have to pay it – even if you are not at-fault. Sure, you should get this money back from your insurer eventually, but with our service – you don’t have to pay it at all.

Oh - and did you know your insurer will also consider you to be ‘more of a risk’ to insure as well? This means the cost of your policy is likely to go up too.

We are the solution

We and our partners take care of the whole process for you. From the recovery of your vehicle to the recovery of your accident costs and and even legal assistance with injury claims.

Your own insurer is notified for ‘information purposes only’, but other than that – they play no part in dealing with your accident claim.

The cost of the assistance we provide is recovered directly from the at-fault drivers insurer on your behalf.

  • Your vehicle is recovered from the scene and taken to one of our approved accident repair centres

  • You do not have to claim on your own insurance policy

  • You have no excess to pay

  • The no-claims bonus is not affected

  • You receive a like-for-like replacement hire-car to use for the duration of the repairs to your vehicle

  • Your vehicles damage is assessed by an independent automotive engineer

  • If your vehicle is un-economic to repair, you can use your replacement vehicle for up to 7 days after you receive your total-loss settlement cheque

  • We deliver your replacement vehicle to your home or place of work typically within 3 hours of accepting your claim

  • Your vehicle is repaired at one of our network of approved accident repair centres or at repair centre of you choose

  • The repairs to your vehicle are fully guaranteed

  • You receive legal assistance from our partner solicitors for the recovery of expenses, lost earnings or claims for personal injuries

  • Costs are recovered directly from the insurance provider of the person responsible on your behalf

  • 24/7 help and advice with your non-fault assistance

Get your car recovered today and the assistance you need without a claim on your insurance, call 02392 484 244 and we will be happy to help.

Any policyholder can use this service, and it is your legal right to choose who repairs your vehicle. All assistance offered, and information given on this page is provided by Car Call UK and its partners, no association or affiliation to any particular insurer is intended in any way, and your statutory rights are unaffected.
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