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Safe overtaking advice

Accident compensation claims are often made because a careless driver has failed to take the necessary precautions before making an overtaking manoeuvre, and has caused a car accident as a result. Learning how to overtake safely yourself not only makes you a safer driver, but it can also make you more aware of the mistakes made by others.

It is important to give other vehicles plenty of space when overtaking them in case they are forced to make any sudden movements. In addition to this it is always wise to execute an overtaking manoeuvre in one slow controlled action, signalling early and avoiding any sudden actions which in any case means you are not doing so safely.

Below are simple rules for overtaking safely on the road.

Before you overtake

  • Ensure that the road ahead of you is clear

  • Check that there are no vehicles trying to overtake you

  • Check that there is enough space in front of the vehicle you are overtaking, so you can pull back in

  • Don't drive too close to the vehicle you want to overtake, otherwise this may block your view of the road ahead

  • Start indicating early, so that the vehicles behind are prepared for your manoeuvre

The overtaking manoeuvre

  • Once you have checked your mirrors and your blind spot, move out cautiously

  • If the vehicle in front is also overtaking, do not follow right behind it, wait for him to complete his manoeuvre first

  • Once you have started to overtake, do so as quickly as possible and move back to the left as soon as it is safe to do so

  • If overtaking cyclists, motorbikes or horses, always give them the same amount of room that you would to any vehicles

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