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Motor Accident?

Stationary vehicles and car accident compensation

Not all car accidents occur when both vehicles are moving, in fact you could be waiting at traffic lights or even parked in a car park. As long as the accident was not your fault, you are still within your rights to make a compensation claim against the at-fault driver.

There are occasionally situations however, where you may have to 'share' the liability of an accident. Say for example you have just parked your car so badly that half of it was sticking out into the road, and then another vehicle comes around a corner and hits it. You could argue that he was travelling too fast to be able to stop safely. On the other hand he could say that your car was parked so badly that it was unavoidable.

Although in such circumstances it may seem like a successful claim is not possible, it is still worth giving us a call - we may still be able to help.

In the majority of 'rear-end shunts' however, the driver that ran into you would probably be at fault. If a driver hits you from behind it often means they were either driving too fast or too close, and so they were not able to stop safely in time.

Here at Car Call UK the solicitors we work with are used to helping clients with all kinds accident scenarios, just give us a call on 02392 484 244 or complete our online claim form by clicking the 'Free enquiry' button below, and we will let you know if we can help.

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