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Motor Accident?

Approved car accident and body repairs
in the Fareham area

If you are looking for car accident and body repairs in the Fareham area following a non-fault accident believe we can save you money, as we provide an alternative to a claim on your own insurance policy.

We can do this because we specialise in arranging accident repairs and hire vehicles for our customers all across the UK, including the Fareham area.

At Car Call UK we and our partners save our customers money by eliminating the need to claim on your own policy and recovering all the costs of our and our partners services directly from the at-fault drivers insurer on your behalf.

Don't I have to use my own insurer?

If you have had an accident and the accident was not your fault - then you can use our service as an alternative to a claim on your own insurance policy.

We will notify your insurer for 'information purposes only' so they will not register a 'claim' and you will not need to pay any excess or have any detrimental effects on your current policy in the form of a loss of your no claims discount.

How we help with your non-fault accident claim

We will manage all aspects of your accident claim from start-to-finish.

From organising repairs to the rapid sourcing and delivery of a suitable like-for-like replacement vehicle to anywhere in the Fareham area while yours is off the road. We will keep you informed throughout the entire process and handle all of the tedious paperwork for you!

If you need legal advice regarding an injury claim or any other matters relating to the accident we can put you in touch with the solicitors we work with who are specialists in road accident claims.

If you are in the Fareham area and need some free help and advice following your accident, please call us on 02392 484 244 and an advisor will discuss what options are available to you.

Alternatively just complete our enquiry form using the link below and an advisor will contact you shortly.

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