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Motor Accident?

Injuries from motorcycle accidents

When a motorcycle accident happens, its the motorcycle rider who usually comes off worse. Cars, with their crumple zones, airbags, headrestraints and other safety features provide a considerable amount of protection these days - unfortunately motorcyclists only have their crash helmets and their road sense to protect them. The problem is even the most experienced motorcycle rider is vulnerable to a serious injury, even from a low speed impact from one careless driver.

Studies have shown that the most common types of injury sustained in motorcycle accidents are to the upper and lower limbs. This is due to the fact that a rider will often be thrown clear of the motorcycle, and instictively the limbs will be used to break the persons fall or try to protect the head from impact. So sprains, fractures and broken bones are often the result, even from minor impacts.

It is impacts where the rider comes into contact with other vehicles where neck and head injuries can occur. Whiplash or other severe injuries to the neck are not uncommon, due to the forces involved and riders head being unrestrained.

Despite improvements in motorcycle helmet design, serious head injuries from motorcycle accidents are unfortunately, also not unusual. In the worst case, the integrity of the crash helmet will fail, causing a depressed skull fracture and a traumatic brain injury. This can cause serious brain damage, or even be fatal.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to claim compensation. For free help and advice please call us on 02392 484 244 and one of our experienced claims advisors will be happy to assist you.
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