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Motor Accident?

I've had a car accident can I keep
my no claims bonus

Anyone who has been involved in a car accident, no matter how minor, will tell you that this can be a very stressful time. Even if it was not your fault and you were lucky enough not to be injured, you are suddenly burdened with worries that you could well do without.

Apart from wondering 'when is my car going to be repaired?', there is - 'where can I find a good repair centre?' and even 'how am I going to get to work tomorrow?!'. As if all these things weren't enough, there is still the small question of your car insurance. As soon as you make that claim, you could lose your no claims bonus or no claims discount - so up go your yearly insurance costs.

Here at Car Call UK we and our partners specialise in sorting out all those problems for you - and you will keep your no claims bonus! All you have to do is make one phone call to us and we can arrange for your car to be repaired by one of our approved repair centres. We will arrange for you to have a quality like-for-like replacement hire car delivered to your door - and you do not have to make a claim on your insurance because we and our partners recover your costs and expenses from the at-fault drivers insurance company.

So the easiest way to keep your no claims bonus and take all the stress out of the situation, is to just give us a call and let us do the rest! Our experienced team of claims advisors and legal professionals will deal with everything for you, keeping you informed at every stage of the process so you can just get on with your life, safe in the knowledge that your damaged car will be returned good-as-new.

If you have any neck pain or headaches in the days following the accident, you may have suffered a whiplash injury. Injuries of this type are very common so if you wish we can look to pursue personal injury claim for you too.

If you have had a car accident that was not your fault, please give us a call us on 02392 484 244 or start your free claim enquiry online using the button below, and one of our experienced claims advisors will be happy to assist you.
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