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Motor Accident?

Littlehampton car body shops and repair centres

Car Call UK have a countrywide network of approved accident repair centres that we use to help our non-fault customers following road traffic accidents.

We arrange repairs, car-hire and legal assistance for customers all over the UK who have been involved in non-fault road accidents.

So we are in the unique position of working with some of the best accident repair centres around the country, including the Littlehampton area.

If you would like to find an approved repair centre in the Littlehampton area, just call 02392 484 244 and we can find a repair centre that is convenient for you.

More about Car Call UK

Car Call UK and its partners offer a specialist service to motorists who have been involved in non-fault road accidents.

We can offer car accident repairs, like-for-like replacement hire vehicles and professional legal claims advice. The solicitors we work with recover the costs of these services directly from the at-fault drivers insurers and so there is no need for your own insurers to process the claim for you.

The advantage to you is that you will have not have the excess charges to pay or suffer reductions in your no claims bonus that you would normally receive as a result of a claim on your own car insurance policy.

Because we also manage all aspects of your accident claim, it means that the disruption to your normal daily activities are also kept to the absolute minimum.

What services we provide

Top quality accident repairs. Our approved accident repair centres are used to dealing with accident repairs for all manner of road vehicles. If you rely on your van for your own business, or someone has run into your treasured sports car on the way to work - our approved repair centres have the skills and equipment to restore them back to their original condition.

Like-for-like replacement vehicle hire. Unlike many insurers with a 'replacement vehicle' option, we will endeavour to replace your vehicle with a like-for-like replacement. So whatever you drive, we will do our best to replace it with an identical make and model.

Professional legal assistance. The solicitors we work with can help you with all aspects of road accident claims. If you need to recover lost earnings, out-of-pocket expenses or make a claim for a personal injury our team can help.

If you would like to know more about any of our services, just give us a call on 02392 484 244 and one of our experienced claims advisors will be happy to help.

Car Call UK do not operate call centres, so you will receive a truly personal service.

Should you wish to contact us online or receive a call-back, please complete our fast enquiry form by clicking on the link below.

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