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Car blind spots and safe driving

The blind spot is the area of the road that that is not visible from either the side or rear-view mirrors. For this reason the blind spot can be extremely dangerous and can result in a serious car accident should the driver neglect to learn where it is and how and when to check it.

So where is the blind spot?

The blind spot is usually at the rear left and right sides of your vehicle, which is an area often not covered by the standard internal and external mirrors. The biggest blind spot is over the driver's right shoulder, between the edge of where your peripheral vision ends and the area not covered by the side mirror. The left hand side blind spot is smaller, but should still be checked when driving.

When should I check the blind spot?

Your blind spot should always be checked before moving off from a stationary position, overtaking, or in fact making any move that involves a change of direction. The only way to effectively achieve this is to physically turn your head and visually check this area before making a manoeuvre. Checking blind spots should become a habit rather than an afterthought for anyone wanting to drive safely and avoid a car accident.

Can you eliminate a blind spot?

You can partially eliminate a blind spot by using convex or fisheye mirrors. These small mirrors are very inexpensive and are attached to the side mirrors of your car. These mirrors have a fish eye effect, giving a wider view than regular mirrors. Even if you have these mirrors it is still advisable not to rely on them entirely, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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