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Motor Accident?

Car Insurance About the free courtesy car on your insurance

These days many people have car insurance policy with a free courtesy car, this of course is great - as most people have busy lives and cannot manage without our car for even a day. What they may not realise is that you can get a free hire-car independently of your insurer if you have been involved in an accident where you are not at-fault.

A courtesy car is fine, but you should be aware that most courtesy cars are provided by the repairing garage and are usually limited to small inexpensive saloons or hatchbacks and if the garage is busy – you may not get one at all.

We and our partners help thousands of UK drivers every year by independently providing non-fault claims assistance that allows people to get their vehicles repaired and we provide you with a quality like-for-like replacement hire car to use during the repair process.

Why non-fault claims should be avoided on your car insurance

There are two main disadvantages to making non-fault claims on your car insurance.

  • You will probably be required by your insurer to pay your excess up-front before your vehicle is repaired. This should be recovered at a later date for you, but why be without that money for several weeks or months when you don’t have to pay anything when you use our independent service?

  • Because you have made a claim on your policy – even a non-fault one, your insurer is likely to consider you to be at greater risk of having another accident and making another claim in the future. This means that the annual cost of your car insurance policy will almost certainly go up.

Our independent claims service allows you to get the benefits of a fully featured car insurance policy – but without the disadvantages of using your own insurer.

How does this work?

We and our partners organise the vehicle recovery, an independent repair estimate, your repairs at an approved accident repair centre, your replacement hire-vehicle and legal assistance.

When everything is complete and you are happy with the repairs to your car – we and our partners recover the costs involved directly from the at-fault driver’s insurer.

So you don’t make a claim on your insurance and everything is resolved.

Yes - but I have to tell my insurer about the accident

Don’t worry, we take of that for you as well. Your personal claims advisor will report the accident to your insurer for you. It will be reported to them ‘for information purposes only’ which means you have fulfilled your obligations to them, but they will not be required to provide you with any assistance.

This protects your policy from another claim on your record and so your next insurance premium should not be affected in any way.

Tell me about the services I will receive

The services we provide are shown below: -

  • An independent automotive engineer will assess the damage to your vehicle

  • We deliver a quality like-for-like replacement hire-car for you to use whilst yours is repaired

  • Your replacement will be delivered to your home or workplace typically within 3 hours of starting your claim

  • We will organise the repairs to your vehicle at one of our approved accident repair centres, or at a repairer of your own choice

  • Your vehicle is repaired according to your manufacturers specifications and to your satisfaction

  • We can arrange legal assistance with issues such as recovery of expenses or help with a compensation claim

  • We and our partners recover the costs associated with your claim, directly from the insurer of the at-fault driver

  • You receive 24/7 support and assistance with all aspects of your claim

To find out how we can help you, call 02392 484 244 and we will get everything sorted for you!

Any policyholder can use this service, and it is your legal right to choose who repairs your vehicle. All assistance offered and information given on this page is provided by Car Call UK and its partners , no association or affiliation to any particular insurer is intended in any way, and your statutory rights are unaffected.
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