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Motor Accident?

Watch out for cyclists and motorbikes when driving. 31/03/16

Many accidents with motorbikes and scooters happen because the car driver does not notice them in time. One of the advantages of using 2 wheeled transport is it's manoeuvrability, enabling the rider to slip through busy traffic and get you somewhere often more quickly than in a car.

The downside of this is that it can sometimes mean that the bike can seem to appear out of nowhere and catch the less observant motorist off guard, and have an accident as a result. The responsibility for these kinds of accidents does not of course always lie solely with the motorist, but there are steps you can take that can help avoid such situations.

A good driver should of course make a point of knowing what is happening around their vehicle at all times, but there are many situations when a little extra vigilance can prevent you from overlooking the presence of these small vehicles.

When overtaking

Always check your mirrors and your 'blind spot' before you start any kind of overtaking manoeuvre. Also remember to start indicating well before you pull out, so that all the vehicles behind you have plenty of warning.

When changing lanes in traffic queues

Most two wheeled vehicles, be they motorbikes, scooters or bicycles can slip through gaps between lanes of traffic fairly easily. Unfortunately if you are driving in several lanes of slow moving traffic, it also means you may not be expecting someone to be going passed you. If you are in this situation and you are considering changing lanes, remember to check your mirrors and blind spot first.

When emerging from junctions

If you are about to pull out of a side road or junction remember to double check that it’s clear in both directions, one glance is not enough. Many motorcyclists get knocked off their bikes at junctions because the driver did not look properly. Remember that even if the bike is approaching at a speed that is perhaps unsuitable for the road, the accident may still be your fault.

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