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Simple checks can avoid an MOT failure. 27/01/16

Recent statistics show that 40% of British MOT test failures could be avoided on their first attempt if car owners made simple checks on their vehicles beforehand.

The most common first time failures have been found to be:-

  • 30% are due to faulty lights. Check all your vehicles lights are working and replace any faulty bulbs

  • 10% are due to tyre wear or tyre pressure. Your tyres should have 1.6mm of tread in a continuous band around the central 75 percent of the tyre and be inflated to the correct pressure

  • 8.5% are due to the drivers view of the road. Check that your wiper blades clear the screen effectively and don't need replacing. Check that your washer bottle is not empty. Check that your mirrors are not damaged and positioned correctly. Check for chips/cracks in the windscreen.

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