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How to drive safely on country roads. 14/06/16

Driving on country roads can be just as dangerous as driving on main roads or motorways. More than 50% of all car accident fatalities on UK roads occur in country areas.

Country roads can have many potential hazards for the unwary driver. Visibility can be a problem because of twists and turns in the road and hedges and trees obscuring a clear view of what is round the corner. Extra care should be taken in country lanes because livestock or farm machinery could be emerging from narrow tracks or field gates.

Another feature of long country roads that often catches out the unwary are sudden dips in the road. This can mean that the road ahead may 'appear' to be clear and safe to overtake a tractor or slow moving vehicle, but the vehicle approaching is just not visible in your line of sight due to the contours of the land.

Drivers not used to rural driving need to take extra care around horses or livestock on the road. Animals can be easily 'spooked' by road vehicles and behave unpredictably. Always allow a lot more time to pass a horse and rider because the manoeuvre has to be done slowly in order to be safe.

Many accidents occur because a driver stuck behind a tractor or other slow moving farm vehicle, gets impatient. Never take risks when overtaking, if you are in a queue of traffic behind a slow vehicle wait for your turn to overtake safely. Never be tempted to overtake several vehicles at once.

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