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UK Driving Test is 80 years old today. 1/06/15

The compulsory UK driving test was first introduced on 1 June 1935. The previous year the test was voluntary and prior to that there was no test at all!

The test was introduced to ensure all new drivers where aware of how to drive safely on UK roads in an an effort to reduce the number of road traffic accidents.

In 1934 there were only 1.5 million cars on the road, but even with that small number there were more than 7000 deaths on UK roads. In the first year after the introduction of the compulsory test in 1935 the death toll was reduced by over a 1000.

Thanks to improvements in the driving test, traffic regulations and car safety standards, the UK statistics for road deaths have consistently been dropping year on year and is currently around 1700 despite the massive increase in the number of registered vehicles (over 34.5 million vehicles in 2012).

AA president Edmund King said: ‘The introduction of the compulsory driving test on June 1 1935 was a massive motoring milestone.

‘For most people growing up, the great early achievements in life are learning to walk, talk, cycle, swim and drive. Learning to drive broadens our horizons and independence.’

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