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Safe riding advice for motorcycle riders. 14/10/16

When riding a motorcycle, you have to take extra care when using the road as you are are not as easy to see as other road users.

Here are some useful tips to stay safe on the road.

Wear suitable clothing

As a motorcycle rider the only protection you have is the clothing you wear, so its essential to buy the right gear.

  • A thick leather jacket and trousers specifically designed for motorcycle riders will provide the best protection if you come off your bike

  • Footwear and gloves should again be made from a strong material such as thick leather or artificial material of equal or greater strength and be specifically designed for the purpose

  • Over your clothing you should wear high visibility jacket that also has flourescent patches for better visibility at night

  • Always wear a good quality crash helmet. Look for the SHARP rating system to compare the protection levels of different helmets

Defensive Riding techniques

Defensive riding techniques help motorcyclists stay safe.

  • Try to anticipate what other road users are going to do

  • Stay alert and observant

  • Ensure you have time to slow down and stop in an emergency

  • Position yourself on the road so that you have good visibility of possible hazards

  • Glance over you shoulder before manoeuvring to ensure you know what is going on around you

Finally consider taking further motorcycle training to improve your skills.
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