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How CCTV evidence can help
with an accident claim

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Closed Circuit Television cameras are in widespread use throughout the UK. It's increasing use has caused much debate amongst those who believe our civil rights and personal privacy are slowly being eroded in this country. Whether you agree with this or not is a question of personal preference, but there is no denying that CCTV has helped catch criminals in many instances, particularly in inner city areas.

It is claimed that regular road users are caught on camera more than 100 times a day, just when going about their daily business. Like it or not, this can actually be used to your advantage if you are involved in a road accident that was caught on camera and where the liability may be in dispute.

Do I have the right to use CCTV evidence?

Yes you do. Under the Data Protection Act you entitled to view any recorded images of yourself that have been captured on camera.

With the massive increase in the capture and storage of personal data, the Data Protection Act was initially created to help private individuals to check and verify the accuracy of any data held by organisations or businesses held in electronic form. The act was amended recently to specifically include video or photographic images of individuals who may have been captured on CCTV cameras.

Getting hold of CCTV evidence for use in an accident claim

CCTV cameras are often used as a security aid for many premises, both in inner city areas and increasingly elsewhere these days. They are sometimes positioned where they might capture activity on the road outside, and so it may be worth investigating if your accident took place near a CCTV camera. The same can apply to road traffic control cameras which are used to monitor traffic flows on busy roads.

If you want to view or have a copy of these images you may have to do a little detective work yourself to track down who operates them. If it's a security camera you will have to contact the company that is using them, or if it’s a traffic camera, the police may be able to help. In either case you should do this as quickly as possible as the recordings may only be held for a few weeks before being deleted.

If you want a copy of the recording you may have to pay a fee for the privilege, but if it helps support your case then the outlay will be justified. If you have problems trying to obtain a copy then you should consult the solicitors we work with or legal advisor for further assistance.

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