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Driving Test Changes Start from 4 December 2017. 4/12/17

From Monday 4 December 2017 driving tests carried out in England, Scotland and Wales have been changed in an effort to ensure new drivers are better equipped to drive on our roads.

There are 4 key changes to the new Driving Test

1) The independent driving part of the test has been extended from 10 minutes to about 20 minutes.

2) Part of the test may involve following directions safely from SatNav system which will be provided by the examiner. 1 in 5 driving tests will alternatively involve following road signs to a destination.

3) Reversing around a corner and a '3- point turn' will no longer be tested. Instead you will be asked to perform 1 of these 3 possible manoeuvres - parallel park, park in a bay in either forward or reverse, and pull-up on the right-hand side of the road then reverse for 2 car lengths and rejoin the traffic.

4) You will be asked 2 driving safety related questions during your driving test. One will involve an explanation of a task at the beginning of your test and the other will require the demonstration of a task whilst you are driving.

The new test will have to be taken:

  • If booked on, or after 4 December 2017

  • If a test is failed before 4 December 2017 and re-booked after

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