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Watch out for cyclists and motorcyclists. 14/10/16

As drivers we should all be aware of what vehicles are around us at all times.

Large vehicles are obviously easy to spot, but small vehicles such as bicycles, motor scooters and motorbikes are not only harder to see, but they can also manoeuvre rapidly and sometimes unpredictably in slow traffic.

Here are some tips to improve your awareness of these vehicles:

  • Keep a look out for cyclists and motorcycles. Making eye contact will re-assure them that they have been seen

  • Check for cyclists/motorbikes when you are about to pull out of a junction. Also if you are approaching a junction, look out for cyclists/motorcyclists pulling out

  • Allow them plenty of space when you overtake, as they may have to swerve to avoid an area of poor road surface or someone who unexpectedly opens the door of a parked vehicle

  • If you are looking to change lanes, remember a motorcycle could move quickly into that space. Always check your blind spot

  • When turning, be aware that parked cars or large vehicles can obscure an approaching motorcycle or bicycle

  • Double check over your shoulder for motorcycles/cyclists when turning

  • Some junctions and pedestrian crossings have advanced stop lines to enable cyclists to get in front and have better visibility. All drivers must stop at the first white line and allow cyclists to move off first when the lights change to green

  • Drivers should always use their indicators well before they manoeuvre so it is clear to other vehicles what they are about to do

  • Be aware that cyclists/motorcyclists may attempt to get passed you on either side when you are in a traffic queue

  • Check your side mirror and over your shoulder before you open the door of a parked vehicle

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