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Driving in windy weather conditions. 17/02/17

As the UK continues to suffer from relentless wet and windy weather, drivers need to take extra care to combat the effects of high winds when driving.

There are a number of situations and driving techniques motorists should be aware of that can help to ensure that they stay safe on the road in windy weather conditions.

Tips for driving in windy weather:

  • If the weather is particularly bad you should always consider whether your journey is really necessary

  • If you do have to travel, plan your journey and listen to local traffic reports to ensure your route is free from hazards such as fallen trees, floods etc.

  • Drive at slower speeds, particularly on exposed roads where gusts can affect the handling of your vehicle

  • Keep your distance from the vehicle in front. In bad weather the road surface may be wet and so you will need more space in order to stop safely in an emergency

  • Take extra care when passing high-sided vehicles as there may be a sudden gust as you move clear from the protection of the vehicle you are passing

  • Be aware that cyclists, mopeds and motorcycles will be particularly affected by gusts of wind, so give them plenty of room when manoeuvring

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