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How to use your car mirrors properly. 17/09/15

Using your mirrors enables you to know exactly what is going on around your vehicle.

Knowing when and how often to use them is an important part of your driving test, this is because it is vital to be aware of other road users in order to be a safe driver.

How to use your mirrors:-

  • If you need to slow down or manoeuvre your vehicle whilst driving, you should check all your mirrors before doing so

  • If you are driving on a motorway or dual carriagway you should check your mirrors more frequently

  • If you are manoeuvring your vehicle in to - or out of - a parking position, check your mirrors to ensure it is safe to do so

  • If you are getting out of a parked vehicle, check that there are no vehicles or pedestrians in the vacinity by checking your side mirror first

  • Get into the habit of glancing in all your mirrors from time-to-time, even during normal driving

  • Remember to use the anti-dazzle lever on your rear view mirror when driving at night

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