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Emergency car accident alert system to be introduced in the EU. 28/04/15

The European Union Parliament has voted for the fitting of an automatic car accident alert system to all new cars and light vans from 31 March 2018.

The new device is designed to only send data when it detects that the vehicle has been involved in a road accident.

Members of the European Union Parliament and European Union (EU) governments have agreed on the basic data to be sent following an accident. This data includes:

  • The type of the vehicle

  • The type of fuel used

  • The time of the accident

  • The location of the accident

The device known as 'eCall' is intended to provide a universal method of alerting the Emergency services in all EU countries in the event of a road traffic accident.

The proposals have not however been welcomed by all EU members. The United Kingdoms Transport Minister Claire Perry said "the benefit of making eCall mandatory in all new cars does not justify the cost of implementing it."

"We do not support the measure, because it is not cost-effective for us."

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