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Driving in snowy and icy weather. 01/03/18

Driving safely in snow and icy conditions requires the driver to be aware of how their vehicles handling is affected by the road conditions and how to stay in control of their vehicle.

The key thing to remember is that your vehicle will behave quite differently on ice and snow due to the greatly reduced traction or 'grip' on the road surface.

Tips for driving on snow and ice:

  • If the weather conditions are particularly bad, you should seriously consider staying at home or at least delaying your journey until the conditions improve

  • If you have to make your journey, ensure that you have warm clothing, food, water, a shovel and a mobile phone in your vehicle

  • Do not begin your journey without properly clearing all the snow of off your vehicle

  • Acceleration should always be applied gently. Sudden acceleration is likely to cause wheelspin and a loss of steering control

  • Pull away in second gear rather than first, as this will reduce the torque to the wheels and the likelyhood of wheelspin

  • Try to avoid braking suddenly as this can cause your vehicle to skid on slippery surfaces

  • Avoid taking sharp corners at high speeds to prevent the rear of your vehicle sliding out of control

  • If you have an ABS or 'Anti-lock Braking Sytem' on your vehicle it will automaticlay 'pulse' the brakes on and off to help avoid a skid. However don't rely on it to get you out of trouble.

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