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New insurance write off categories from October 2017. 16/06/17

Anyone in working in the car insurance/repair/salvage industry is likely to be aware that the "write-off" categories are to be changed on 1st October 2017.

The categories are to be changed mainly to "reflect the increasingly complex repairs of new cars", says the Association of British Insurers (ABI), which coordinates the codes.

Current Insurance Categories

Currently the write-off categories are A, B, C and D. These are defined as below.

Category A : Scrap only. For vhicles so badly damaged they should be crushed and never re-appear on the road. Even salvageable parts should be destroyed.

Category B : Body shell should be crushed. Extensive damage but some parts some parts are salvageable. Should never re-appear on road, but reclaimed parts can be used in other road-going vehicles.

Category C : The vehicle is repairable but the costs exceed the vehicle’s value. Can be put back on the road.

Category D : The vehicle is repairable but the repair costs are significant compared to the value of the car.Can be put back on the road.

New Insurance Categories from October 1st 2017

The new categories are:-

Category A : Scrap.

Category B : Break.

Category S : Structurally damaged repairable.

Caegoryt N : Non-structurally damaged repairable
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