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How to drive safely when its wet. 04/01/18

As large areas of the UK are now experiencing wet and windy conditions, it is important to remember that you should adjust your driving accordingly in order to remain safe.

Important points to remember:

  • The distance needed to stop your car safely is typically doubled

  • Keep extra distance between you and the vehicle in front to enable you to stop safely in an emergency

  • If your steering becomes unresponsive, it is likely you are losing grip on the wet surface, reduce your speed gradually until control is returned

  • If rain or spray is affecting your visibility, reduce your speed and keep plenty of distance between you and the vehicle in front

  • Also be aware that diesel spilt on the road can make the road surface slippery

  • Look out for and take extra care when manoeuvring near pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles and horse riders

  • Flooded areas of road. Slow right down and if you suspect the water is too deep then turn around when safe to do so and find an alternative route

More advice can be found here for driving in wet weather and here for driving in floods.

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