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Asda cuts 2p off the price of petrol. 25/10/12

Asda offers some relief for the hard pressed motorist by cutting the cost of it's petrol prices by 2 pence per litre today.

The supermarket giant announced the cut yesterday, which brings their petrol price down to 133.7p per litre.

UK average petrol prices reached a peak of 140p a litre during the summer, so this announcement is welcome news to all of us.

Supermarkets are known to use their petrol and diesel prices as a way to draw in customers.

This has been reflected by both Sainsburys and Tescos as they quickly followed suit by also bringing their forecourt petrol price down by 2p today.

Taking the lead in terms of passing lower wholesale fuel costs on to the consumer, Asda's head of petrol trading said "We always aim to be the first retailer in each part of the country to drop prices when costs are falling and the last to put them up."

Some good news at last.

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