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Changes to *no win no fee compensation claims law

On the 1st of April 2013 changes to law relating to *no win no fee compensation claims came into force. The UK Government has made these changes in an attempt to reduce the number of spurious compensation claims being made.

The UK insurance industry has been claiming for some time that the increase in fraudulent claims has increased the average UK motor insurance premiums by more than 20% in recent years.

However the fairness of the approach taken by the government is proving to be controversial in some legal circles.

How the changes affect *no win no fee compensation claims

Compensation claims made prior to the changes enabled law firms to recover their costs from the defending side. This meant that the successful claimant would always receive 100% of their compensation settlement.

From April 1st 2013, up to 25% (or as agreed between you and your lawyer) of your compensation settlement may have to cover legal costs.

So effectively legal costs are now paid by the victim, rather than the person responsible for the accident. This approach is intended to reduce the amounts paid out by insurers and reduce the likelihood of spurious or fraudulent claims being made.

It is also hoped that a significant reduction in insurance claims will ultimately be passed on to the road user in the form of cheaper car insurance.

How we can help following a road traffic accident

If you have been unfortunate enough to have suffered an injury in a road traffic accident that was not your fault, the solicitors we work with will look to achieve the best possible settlement for you.

We independently help thousands of customers every year with regard to not only compensation issues, but also by providing other accident related services that may not be available to them on their existing insurance cover.

Put simply, if you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault, you are entitled to receive all the help and assistance you need to minimise the disruption caused by the collision.

If we are able to assist you with your accident claim, we can offer the following services to you:

  • We can assist with your accident claim independently of your insurer

  • If we deal with your claim, you will almost certainly not have to pay the excess on your policy

  • A like-for-like replacement vehicle will be delivered to you typically within 3 hours of accepting your claim

  • Your replacement vehicle can be delivered to your home or place of work

  • Repairs to your vehicle will be arranged at an approved accident repair centre in your local area

  • If you would like your vehicle repaired at a garage of your own choice, we can arrange this for you

  • Assistance with vehicle recovery and storage costs

  • Legal help and assistance with other accident related issues

  • Costs will be recovered on your behalf directly from the at-fault drivers insurer

If you would like assistance with a car accident claim or would just like some advice, call us on 02392 484 244 and we will be happy to help.

*Once the solicitor has accepted your case, they will clearly explain how the process works, advise you of your options and any other costs that could be payable in your particular situation. More..
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