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Motor Accident?

How much will my car insurance go up after a claim?

Everyone knows that the cost of your car insurance is dependent on many factors. The 2 biggest factors are almost certainly your age and your claims history.

Let’s face it, there is not an awful lot we can do about our age. If you are a young new driver, unfortunately statistics show that your inexperience makes you much more likely to have an accident and so your insurance premiums will be high. By the same token, older – more experienced drivers, pose much less risk and so their basic insurance costs will normally be low.

Your claims record or No Claims Bonus/Discount however also has a huge effect on the cost of your insurance – but the difference is, you can do something about it.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to estimate how much your insurance is likely to increase after a claim on your policy, as all insurers will calculate their premiums slightly differently to each other.

But one thing is for certain – one of the best ways to keep the cost your insurance down is to a) be a careful driver and don’t cause accidents and b) Avoid any un-necessary claims for accidents that are not your fault.

But how do I get my car repaired if I am not at-fault?

Even if you were not at-fault for an accident, your insurer will almost certainly require you to pay the excess on your policy before your vehicle will be repaired. In addition to this of course - the cost of your insurance will probably increase due to your non-fault claim.

This is why thousands of drivers every year choose to use our independent non-fault claims service as there is an alternative to a claim on their car insurance.

We provide the assistance that you need to resolve your accident issues and recover the costs on your behalf directly from the insurer of the person at-fault.

So - as are not making a claim on your insurance policy, you have no excess to pay and your no-claims bonus should also remain protected.

Do you provide the same services as an insurer?

Our comprehensive non-fault claims service includes arranging your vehicle repairs, a like-for-like replacement hire vehicle and even your legal assistance.

Because we are completely independent of your insurer, you are entitled to receive all the services below, regardless of the type of insurance cover you have or the ‘limitations’ of your policy terms.

Our service includes: -

  • A like-for-like replacement for your damaged vehicle if it is un-roadworthy and/or being repaired

  • Your replacement vehicle is delivered typically within 3 hours of accepting your claim

  • Repairs to your vehicle are carried out at one of our UK network of accident repair centres

  • We can alternatively arrange for your repairs to be carried out at a repair centre of your own choice

  • If you need assistance with legal issues such as the recovery of expenses, lost earnings or claims for personal injury

To avoid a claim on your policy - start your non-fault accident claim now, call 02392 484 244 and we will be happy to help.

Any policyholder can use this service, and it is your legal right to choose who repairs your vehicle. All assistance offered and information given on this page is provided by Car Call UK and its partners , no association or affiliation to any particular insurer is intended in any way, and your statutory rights are unaffected.
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