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Driving, tiredness and accidents. 25/04/13

The Highway Code Rule 98 gives a number of guidelines to help drivers avoid driving in a dangerously fatigued condition.

Studies have shown that in the UK, driver fatigue may be a contributory factor in as many as 40% of road traffic accidents.

How to avoid accidents caused by tiredness

  • Do not start out on a long journey if you are already tired. Ensure you have had a good nights rest before you set out

  • Try to avoid making long journeys between midnight and 6am as this is the period when your alertness will be at a minimum

  • When planning your journey allow time for at least 15 minutes rest for every 2 hours driving time

  • If you start to feel tired whilst you are driving, pull off the road and stop in a safe place to have a rest. Do not however stop on the hard shoulder of a motorway

  • An effective way to counter tiredness is to consume a caffeinated drink, but this should be used in conjunction with regular rest breaks, not as replacement for them.

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