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Study shows that the Enhanced Rider scheme provides clear benefits. 12/06/12

The Enhanced Rider Scheme was set up by the Driving Standards Agency in conjunction with the motorcycle industry to help existing licenced riders assess their skills and highlight areas that may require improvement.

A recent study on riders using the scheme has shown that is providing clear benefits for riders.

Riders that have used the scheme have demonstrated significant improvements in areas such as interaction with other road users, safety-oriented behaviour, confidence and self esteem.

Riders who took part in the scheme where interviewed for the report and said that the scheme provided a very positive experience.

If you are a frequent road user, going on a training course can help you remedy any bad habits you may have picked up and so help you become safer and more confident on the road.

Professional training such as this can help anyone avoid the kind of dangerous situations which could lead to a road accident and possible injury.

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