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Vauxhall Corsa steering problem may now affect vehicles built from 6 February 2014. 07/10/14

Vauxhall has updated the announcement it made regarding a potential problem with the steering system of it's Corsa and ADAM models.

The initial announcement suggested only models built from May 2014 could be affected, but this has now been extended to models built from 6 February onwards.

The original announcement said that part of the steering system "did not meet specification".

The owners of vehicles built during this period have been advised "as a precaution, these vehicles should not be driven prior to inspection".

They can check if their vehicle is affected by visiting the Vauxhall website or contacting the Vauxhall customer assistance centre for further advice. Owners of affected vehicles may also be contacted directly about the issue.

The company said "Vauxhall puts the safety and convenience of its customers first and as this condition concerns their safety, the company is taking immediate action". The company also pointed out that they were unaware of any accident or injury that has occurred as a result of the problem.

How it could affect your driving test

If you are taking a practical driving test in an affected vehicle you will not be able to take the test without written proof that the vehicle has been checked by the manufacturer.

If any work was required to remedy the issue, it must also have also been carried out in accordance with manufacturer specifications before the vehicle can be driven in the test.

All information provided is believed to be correct at the time of publication.
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