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Safe Parking Tips. 25/05/16

Parking your car properly is something most people learn to perfect over time.

However there are some basic rules you need to follow in order to ensure that your vehicle is safe and does not put you, your passengers and other road users at risk of accident or injury.

The Highway code offers some basic tips to park your car safely.

Always try to use marked parking bays where possible if you have to park at the roadside.

  • Do not park your car facing the flow of traffic

  • Stop as close of you can to the kerb or side of the road

  • Don't park too close to a vehicle displaying a blue disabled badge. A disabled driver may need more room to get in and out of their vehicle

  • You must switch off your engine, headlights and fog lights when parked

  • The hand brake must be applied before leaving the vehicle

  • Check for traffic or cyclists before opening your car door

  • Passengers should get out of the car on the side next to the kerb

  • Keep all valuable items out of sight when you leave the vehicle

  • Make sure your vehicle is locked

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