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Using mobile phones and in-vehicle technology while driving. 02/03/17

As more and more cars come equipped with sophisticated electronic navigation and multi-media equipment, it is important to remember that driving your vehicle safely involves your full attention. A distracted driver is a dangerous driver.

Despite advances in driving technology, driving assistance technology such as 'Cruise control' cannot be relied upon to safely control your vehicle without your full attention to the road - even for a moment.

The potential risks of using mobile phones when driving have recently been highlighted by the Department of transports recent decision to increase the penalty for using a mobile phone when driving to a £200 fine and 6 penalty points. For new drivers this can even mean a ban for a first offence.

If you need to use your phone or make significant adjustments to your Sat Nav or any media device in your vehicle, find a safe place to pull over and stop your vehicle first.

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