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Drive safely in fog. 11/11/15

Hundreds of car accidents every year are caused by drivers who don't take enough care when driving in foggy conditions.

These conditions can lead to some of the worst accidents because reduced visibility means that drivers can fail to stop in time when there is an accident ahead, sometimes leading to multiple collisions.

There are some simple rules outlined in the Highway Code that will enable you to stay safe whilst driving in foggy or misty conditions.

When approaching fog

If you are approaching a foggy area, the first thing to be aware of is that the density of a patch of fog can vary considerably from one moment to the next.

This means that it is important to gradually slow down as you approach, then maintain this speed rather than constantly speeding up and slowing down as the visibility changes.

When driving in fog

  • Do not use full beam when driving in fog, it does not improve your visibility and can dazzle other drivers

  • Only use your vehicles fog lights if visibility is seriously reduced and they can make it difficult for drivers behind you to see your brake lights working

  • Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front. Be prepared that drivers in front may brake suddenly

  • Be aware that some drivers may not have their lights on

  • Use your windscreen wipers and demisters

  • Do not accelerate to keep away from a car behind you. It is their responsibility to keep a safe distance

  • Check your mirrors before you slow down, and use your brakes gradually so that vehicles behind can see your brake lights

  • Take extra care at junctions. Do not hesitate in a position that puts you in the path of an approaching vehicle

  • Ensure your fog lights are turned off when visibility improves significantly

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